kirazli village kusadasi
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Kirazli Village

Kirazli Village is an old village located 10 km away from Kusadasi. First click on the name of the Kupluce before there are too many cubes under the ground. Afterwards, he took the name of Ov Akça Ova al to very fertile land. Kirazli village took its name and is still known by this name.
In this village with its fresh air that contains the color of green in the interior, the people of the village live with the agricultural activities. The main agricultural products are cherries, grapes, olives and figs, and there they can be grown in the vegetable orchards. With its clean air, you can walk on a mountain next to the village, wild strawberries, blueberries, wild pears, blueberries, cranberries, natural products such as sage, thyme, and city life in places such as … In the mountains of 2.500 kinds of plants are said to be said. In addition, Turkey’s 2nd largest village 4 km from the Cave Lion has a cave.

The village has a residential area in the center where the houses are located and in the vicinity of the fields where the villagers own the fields. In the village where there are no houses higher than two floors, houses are usually small detached houses with small gardens. And in the garden of these houses, the peasants feed animals such as chickens, sheep, cows and feed on the natural products they obtain from them.
Ecological farming is carried out in this charming village with 300 households. On ecological markets, ecologically certified products produced by the local people are presented to the market. In the summer months, however, the villagers also sell their products during the summer. For this reason, there are a lot of people passing through Kirazlı Village.